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                                             Bottled Water
                                            5 Gal Purified Water*     $5.00 each

                                            3 Gal Purified Water*     $3.75 each

                                            5 Gal Spring Water*       $6.00 each

                                            5 Gal Distilled Water*     $6.35 each

                                            1 Gal Distilled 3 per box $4.35 per case

                                            16.9oz Purified Water*   $7.50 (24ct case)  

                             *One time refundable bottle deposit required ($8 per bottle)                                                            
                                           *Ask about our volume discounts*         ```````

                                        Water Cooler Rental/Purchase    
                                  Hot/Cold              $10.00 per month

                                         Room Temp/Cold $10.00 per month
 Water Coolers are also available for purchase,for more information,call us today or e-mail
                                                 (616) 688-5040!

                                             Purified Water  - Spring Water - Distilled Water

                 Clear Savings Plans
                              Plan 1
  4 - 5 gal bottles of purified water and cooler
                              Plan 2
  6 - 5 gal bottles of purified water and cooler
                             Plan 3
  8 - 5 gal bottles of purified water and cooler
                             Plan 4
 10 - 5 gal bottles of purified water and cooler
No Contracts On Any Of These Plans And May Switch Plans At Anytime.
Subject To Arcticlear Water Terms And Conditions.
Water Delivery:

At Arcticlear, water delivery service makes a big splash among residential & business clients who love the efficiency and ease of our friendly and reliable service. Whether you need a water cooler, large 3-gallon or 5-gallon bottles, or cases of 
smaller bottles, Arcticlear is ready to serve! In fact, we can often make your bottled water delivery within 24 hours of your request – a turnaround time nearly unheard of among other area bottled water companies!

Our Purified Water:
Our water is bottled daily in Zeeland,Mi and we go  through a 6 step process that is done by reverse osmosis,water is tested daily after it leaves the holding tank it is pumped to the clean room for bottling witch is done by our automated bottling machine which sanitize each bottle and then rinsed before being filled and automatically capped.

Spring Water:
Whispering Springs is unique and individual. The spring is located within 5 miles of the continental divide, the surrounding area once inhabited by the Potowatomi Indians and the Miami tribes of Chief Wawasee and his brother Chief Papakeechee. Our water still springs from the earth naturally amidst a beautiful landscape, unmolested, pure and unrefined. 

           ArctiClear Water
Bottled Water & Coffee Service

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